Are you struggling to meet the demands of a busy home life?

Are household chores becoming difficult to manage?
Are you going on holiday or into hospital and worried about the cat/plants/house?
Are you concerned about a relative or friend living alone?
In order to maintain your independence and lifestyle, is what you really need "home help" rather than "home care"?

Could an extra pair of hands be useful sometimes?

Whether it's regular or occasional help you need, give us a call!

Acqua Doria has a wealth of experience in the local community and can be trusted to offer you an affordable, dependable service.

We can offer support for:

Those on Holiday or in Hospital
Accessing the Community
Working Parents
Parties / Events
Busy professionals
Friends & Relatives

Some of the services we offer:

Domestic Help
Household Checks
Feeding pets / Watering plants
Accompanied Visits
Laundry / Ironing
Help to Host
Housework while you're out!

Is life becoming more challenging? Are there times when you struggle to manage all those daily tasks that allow you to stay safe, healthy and above all independant inyour own home? Whether it's short term help you need following an illness or operation or a more longterm solution, we're happy to be there for you. We can offer support on a daily or weekly basis to ensure that you have everything you need.

Changing Beds
Opening Letters
Walking Dog
Are you going into hospital or going on holiday? Are you worried about leaving your home empty and don’t want to bother the neighbours? We know how important your home, possessions and pets are and can offer you peace of mind by caring for them in your absence. We can visit regularly and at varying times of the day to keep the property looking lived in and give you regular updates to assure you that all's well.

Regular Security Checks
Water Plants
Feed Cat
Lift Post
Do you often wish you could get out more or worry about being able to attend health appointments? We know it's not always easy to ask friends and relations to help but perhaps we can offer a solution. We can help you arrange outings, book taxis or even accompany you when you go out to so you can be confident everything will go smoothly.

Accompany to Appointments
Go Shopping
Visit Relatives
Attend Functions
Do you often get home frazzled, wishing you had a few more hours in the day or the time and patience to sit and listen to your children? Let us take over the boring bits at home and allow yourself the opportunity to cherish those special moments with your little ones.

Help prepare meals
Tidy Bedrooms
Wash up
Empty bins
Are you planning a surprise party or hosting a dinner for friends, relatives and work colleagues? Planning can be exciting but we know the reality of entertaining can be exhausting! We can offer an extra pair of hands to step in at the busiest times, allowing you to relax and enjoy the fun with your guests (and we'll even help to clear up afterwards).

Assistance to Prepare
Set up
Attend and help
Pack Up
An extra pair of hands!
We're all working longer hours and spending less time at home than we would like. Do you find that you never seem to have any "me time"? Time to relax and enjoy life the way you once could? Perhaps this is because the pace of life is so fast and we all push ourselves to reach perfection in every aspect of our life. We can help you create that perfect image - at least at home. We can take care of all those annoying little domestic jobs allowing you the opportunity to do the things you enjoy.

Domestic Duties
Do you have a relative or friend you worry about? Someone you wish you lived nearer or feel you should spend more time with? Todays families are spread all over the world and many older people live alone. Perhaps we could alleviate some of the worry and pressure you feel by popping in to check someone is alright or helping them around the house. We would be happy to pop in every day or once a week for your peace of mind.

Regular Checks
Empty Bins
Change Beds
Attend Appointments
Pay Bills