We take the strain out of day to day living so you can enjoy life

Acqua Doria is a local provider of home care and support in Alton and Bordon with over 15 years of experience and dedication to enhancing quality of life for others.

We are proud of our compassionate, person-centered home care designed to help people stay safer and healthier at home for longer.

Our proud history

It all began in 2003 when we identified the need for a new way of delivering high-quality, person centered care services for people living within our local community of Alton & Bordon.  With an emphasis on quality rather than quantity and a leadership team with a good understanding of the industry, Acqua Doria quickly became regarded as an excellent provider of home care.

By 2008, Acqua Doria’s rapidly expanding team had outgrown offices twice and we moved into Channing House, a prominent local building in the heart of Alton.  We had established an excellent team out in the community covering Alton, Bordon and all the surrounding villages so business continued to grow, predominately through word of mouth.

This growth was boosted in 2013 when we were asked us to step in and take over the work of a provider covering Farnborough and Aldershot.  By then, we had earned a reputation as an experienced and sizable private care provider.

Changes in the way our local authority funded home care meant that in 2015  the domiciliary side of our business had to be re-evaluated and we took the decision to seize the opportunity to concentrate on strengthening other aspects such as Training.

We now offer training to local businesses, our courses in First Aid, Health & Safety and Moving and Handling have become very popular both for health care providers and industrial companies.

With our experience and knowledge of the local community and our passion for providing a high standard of care at home, we restarted our homecare business in 2017 and it has once again gone from strength to strength.  Despite the challenges of Covid and the Pandemic, 2021 finds us looking for new ways to enhance the lives of the people we care for while continuing to concentrate  on offering the best service we can.

Our mission and vision

Acqua Doria is committed to providing high-quality care and support services to individual clients and their families.

Our priority is to provide kind and compassionate person centered home care delivered by a team of highly-trained competent and efficient carers. To make good on this promise, proper training is paramount. Not only do we endeavour to hire the most experienced personnel, but we provide them with in-depth specific training so that they can deliver specialized care to our clients.

At Acqua Doria, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, safe and fulfilling life. This ethos is at the heart of everything we do.

We provide everyone we support with the opportunity to continue to live life to the full. We actively encourage Service Users to stay as self-reliant as possible, to make decisions for themselves, and ultimately, to remain independent, maintaining the lifestyle of their choice.

Our leadership team

Our home health care management team is highly experienced in delivering exceptional care and support for our service users.  We are committed to seeking new ways to enhance the service we provide.

The leadership team at Acqua Doria operates an open door policy encouraging everyone involved to voice their opinions, identify ways to improve the service we offer and actively participate in helping us to exceed industry standards.

Anji Withey

Anji Withey

Registered Manager

Anji is the Managing Director of Acqua Doria Limited and the Registered Manager for home care and has worked in healthcare for over 30 years.

Louise Driver

Louise Driver

Deputy Manager

Louise started working for Acqua Doria in 2013 and has achieved her Level 5 qualification.  She dedicates her time to supporting our team of carers and ensuring that they deliver a high standard of care which evolves to meet the changing needs of our service users.

Marilyn Walker

Marilyn Walker


After a long career in the healthcare sector, Marilyn joined us in 2020 and has quickly become a valuable member of the management team.

Carol Evans

Carol Evans

Senior Carer

Carol joined Acqua Doria in 2012 and helps support her team of carers in Alton.  She’s currently working towards her Level 5.

Jenny Anders

Jenny Anders


Jenny started working for Acqua Doria in 2013 and has achieved her Level 5 qualification.  Jenny helps supervise and support all of the carers and plays a vital role in ensuring that we are able to respond rapidly to changing needs of our service users in the community.

Nicole Warren

Nicole Warren

Senior Carer

Nicole joined Acqua Doria in 2019 and supports a team of carers in Bordon.  Her experience enables her to help mentor the newer staff joining our team.


The Covid-19 Pandemic has presented interesting challenges for us at each stage, however we have simply adjusted our procedures and adapted our working practice to ensure that we keep our staff and the people who use our service as safe as possible.

We have a good supply of PPE and our staff are trained and instructed on how and when to use each item.  We follow the latest government advice to ensure that we are constantly following best practice.

We’re proud to say that the majority of our staff have now had both vaccines and all of our staff complete a Covid test every week.

We’ve had some fun with our PPE too over the last year or so, wearing pink for Cancer Days, orange and green for Elf Day, we’ve worn purple, red and a variety of other colours just to break the days up and support some of our favourite charities.

Our focus is to protect our local community by prioritising safety.


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